Congressional Appends

Southern Solutions provides fast and low priced Congressional Data appends.  Congressional Data includes the Junior and Senior Senators, Representative and Congressional District that matches each individual record on your list based on their mailing address.

Once we receive your file via Web upload, FTP or email we will send you a link to pay your invoice immediately.  Once payment is received we will processes your order and provide a link to download your updated file.  Processing is typically only a few hours and as fast as one hour depending on our current load, number of records to process and condition of your input file(s).


T: 540.878.4903   

F: 540.645.6362

Data and List Processing

  1. Direct Mail Data Management

  2. General List Clean-up

  3. List Rental Fulfillment

  4. Merge-Purge

  5. Deduper - Duplicate Removal

  6. NCOA 18 Month

  7. National Change of Address

  8. CASS

  9. Postal Address Standardization

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