Our Services

Data Hygiene, Validation and Appending Services

  • CASS Certification (USPS Address Standardization)

  • NCOA (18 month USPS National Change of Address)

  • Congressional Appends (Congressional District, Representative, Junior and Senior Senators)

  • State Governor Appends

  • Merge-Purge (Merge Multiple Lists, Remove Duplicates and Purge any Suppressions/Omits)

  • Deduper (Remove Duplicates)

  • Database and File Conversions

Full Service Direct Mail Data Management

  • Expert, Fast Work with Never a rush fee

  • 24x7 Secure Data Center

  • Online and Fire-Safe Backups

  • 24-hour Secure Access to your Donor/Customer Database via your Internet Browser

  • List Rental Fulfillment

  • Cage Donation History Intergration

  • Custom Reporting

  • Custom Select Builds


T: 540.878.4903   

F: 540.645.6362

Data and List Processing

  1. Direct Mail Data Management

  2. General List Clean-up

  3. List Rental Fulfillment

  4. Merge-Purge

  5. Deduper - Duplicate Removal

  6. NCOA 18 Month

  7. National Change of Address

  8. CASS

  9. Postal Address Standardization

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