Merge Purge

Southern Solutions provides a fast and low priced Merge Purge service.  We don't use a retail software package like most services.  Our Merge Purge service removes duplicates that other services miss.  We utilize advanced matching algorithms with often missed matches based on nicknames, misspellings, similar addresses, address variations, "sounds like" spellings and more.  All addresses are USPS CASS certified prior to entering the Merge Purge so as to standardize the addresses.  We can also suppress records based on Do-Not-Mail requests, DMA Panders, Deceased, Prisons or any custom suppression lists you provide us.


T: 540.878.4903   

F: 540.645.6362

Data and List Processing

  1. Direct Mail Data Management

  2. General List Clean-up

  3. List Rental Fulfillment

  4. Merge-Purge

  5. Deduper - Duplicate Removal

  6. NCOA 18 Month

  7. National Change of Address

  8. CASS

  9. Postal Address Standardization

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